Baby Care products every parent needs.

Upon the arrival of your cute little ones you will probably be on a shopping spree of super-tiny socks and petite pom-pom caps, adorable onesies and too-cute burping cloths, tiny undershirts and (of course) diapers by the bagful, it doesn’t stop here- you will need to also stock up on a few baby care products too to be fully prepared for a baby!

Less is always best, here are the only must-have essential baby care products you will need for your little one!
1. Cotton Balls:
For the first few weeks, water-dipped cotton balls are the best way to wipe your baby’s tender tush! Not just for this but you can use these cotton balls to wipe off your baby’s eyes.

2. Baby Oil:
Baby oil on a cotton ball is also a gentle method to wipe away a particularly sticky poop from your baby’s skin. But there’s no need to use it routinely or to cover up your baby.

3. Baby bath liquid or soap:
When it comes to a baby soap, the shorter the ingredients list, the better — look for labels without too many additives and fragrances. A gentle baby wash will do for now- we recommend our Pure Liquid Castile Soap | Natural, Organic and Safe | Eco-friendly Non-Toxic Liquid soap would be the best for your baby.

4. Skin Care Ointments:
We would always recommend consulting a pediatrician for major issues here- but when it comes to developing a rash because of diapers you should look no forward to our: Baby Rash Spray– which Soothes diaper rashes and help keep your baby clean, fresh and healthy.

5. Baby nail clippers or scissors:
Wielding a pair of scissors near those teeny-tiny fingers is daunting enough, so you want the right-sized tools — not the adult kind, which is larger and sharper.

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