Hair Care for Men


No human being can go out on a weekday (being a lazybum on a weekend is fine😉) without setting their hair, sometimes you have dry, frizzy, or generally, a bad hair day and these issues are faced by everyone including Men. There’s no question that a man’s hair is an important part of his overall look. There’s so much to consider – style, length, when to cut it, what products to use – that it can be overwhelming at times.

We’re here to help you, men, with our hair care tips today! In the end, we think you’ll have enough knowledge to make your daily hair care routine more effective than ever.

1. Use a Natural and a Gentle Shampoo:
Select a natural shampoo that contains ingredients that will be gentle to your hair and scalp. When it’s time to wash your hair, use a gentle formula that is sulfate-free and has natural ingredients instead.

2. Know your Hair type:
Knowing what hair type you have – straight, thin, curly, dry – and buying a shampoo designed for it can make a huge difference. For instance, Curly hair will need something with more moisturizing ingredients

3. Don’t Shampoo every day-
A lot of guys think shampooing every day will be good for their hair and it will set easily. No Good. Constant shampooing wi8ll dry out natural oil production form your hair and make it even worse- instead of shampoo twice or thrice a week.

If you have to blow dry your hair, cutting down on any heat is a general rule for the typical men’s hair care routine. There’s nothing like a hot shower, especially when the temperatures outside dip below freezing, but hot water wreaks havoc on your hair because it strips much of the essential oils from your hair and scalp, which leads to dryness. Again, the best way to dry your hair is to let it air dry. If you use a hairdryer, cut back on the heat, and leave your hair slightly damp so you won’t be tempted to over-dry it.

5. Use Oils for Extra Moisture:
After you shower a lightweight hair oil will help seal in moisture and is especially important if you have curly, coarse and textured hair.

6. Be Gentle When Towel Drying Your Hair:
Aggressively drying your hair with a towel can do more damage than good. We men tend to think that the harder we rub our hair after washing the quicker it’ll dry. In reality, an over-zealous towel drying technique will just cause breakage – especially bad news if your hair already isn’t quite as thick as it used to be.

7. Get a Haircut Every 4-6 Weeks:
Regular haircuts are more than just keeping the shape of your hair in check. They’re also about keeping the rest of your head tidy.

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