Ways to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling

Ever wondered what type of impact your business travel/ Vacation travel is leaving on the environment? If you have, then you’ve probably heard about your carbon footprint and how each time you fly, you increase the carbon emission that’s released into the atmosphere.

Leaving no trace as travelers is not a new concept, although let’s discuss what we can do to reduce the carbon impact from our travels.

1. Fly Less: Think about ways you can get there!
This sounds obvious as we all can understand that Flights adds more to climate change than we should be emitting altogether. If you’re traveling to a destination that requires a flight, either because of distance or time constraints, there are some things that you can do to offset your carbon emissions. Founder of Impact Travel Alliance– Kelly Louise, recommended taking direct flights instead of flights with a lot of layovers for optimal fuel efficiency.

Also, if you are traveling a regional distance and there are alternatives available instead of flying- we totally recommend you taking those alternatives- choosing a train, bus or car over an airplane can go a long way toward conservation.

2. If you can’t avoid flying, Fly more carbon efficiently
Fly Economy Class: Flying First Class or Business Class means more space per seat, which equates to more carbon per passenger, especially as these classes often have more unsold capacity and allow more luggage which adds to weight and carbon.
Fly the latest planes: Buy your flight with an airline that offers the latest planes which offer greater fuel – thus carbon – efficiency; although it may be more expensive than an airline with old planes.
Pack Lightly: Your carbon footprint is heavier when you pack heavy, as airplanes’ fuel consumption is greater to fly greater loads

3. Make less Trash:
Bring your own reusable water bottle along for the flight, the road trip, the hiking, and even all the sightseeing you’ll do. Using a reusable bottle will keep the several plastic bottles you might have used during your trip out of the landfill.

4. Book eco- friendly hotels/Resorts:
You might have somewhat witnessed the lavish breakfast buffet at 5-star hotels and how much of it would be going directly to the trash, also these hotels use massive amounts of energy from lightening to laundry, but there are some hotels that are becoming more eco friendly who use local plant produce for preparing food, what you can at least do is you can limit your towel usage- using less electricity and taking short showers, etc.

5.  Sign up for tours:
Take tours that are eco -friendly, like cycle tours, walking tours bus tours, etc are excellent ways to see the sights while remaining conscious of your environmental impact.

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