Beauty Eyes


BEE ORGANIK Beauty Eyes | Remove Dark Circles | Remove Under-Eye Puffiness | Herbal Cold-Pressed Oil Blend | Remove Wrinkle Lines | No Dark Circles | 10ml


GENTLE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Improves dark circles under eyes, Gives you a more youthful, radiant and vibrant appearance. Removes/Lightens crow’s feet, eye bags and dark under eye skin. Dramatically improves Skin Firmness. No need for Face Lift or Botox Injections.

PROTECTS AND PREVENTS DAMAGE: Enhances Under-Eye Skin’s Defenses, Helps prevent future damage. Diminishes telltale signs of aging due to the Sun.

NATURAL, ORGANIC AND PURE: Contains only pure cold-pressed oils of Almond and Jojoba. Packed with powerful essential oils of Fennel, Bergamot, Neroli, Tea-tree etc.

SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: No Parabens, Dyes, Fillers or Alcohol used in our Products. Only 100% Pure Ingredients.

HOW TO USE: Apply a few drops on your ring finger and dab on under-eye skin. Leave overnight for best results.

Product Description

This firming eye serum glides on to smooth and soften eye lines by delivering critical hydration and a protective moisturizing layer to help reduce the appearance of aging, puffiness and dark circles. Smooths, hydrates & targets crow’s feet concerns with a blend of pure and natural essential and cold-pressed oils.


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