Glowing Face Cream


BEE ORGANIK Glowing Face Cream | Nourish & Hydrate Naturally | Diminishes Fine Lines | Builds Elasticity | Makes your Skin Younger and Tighter | 100gms

SUPER EFFECTIVE FORMULA: Our lightweight moisturizing cream nourishes and keeps your skin hydrated. Get smooth flawless skin that if highly elastic and youthful.

SAFE, NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: No harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrances and no toxins. All natural and pure ingredients and herbs that are guaranteed to make your skin more beautiful then before. Cruelty free – we don’t test on animals.

HOW TO USE: After cleansing face, apply a light coating to face and neck, for baby smooth skin that glows.

DAY OR NIGHT CREAM: Multi-purpose cream, use before you step out for office or a day on the town. You can also make this a part of your before sleep regimen and get great skin benefits as you sleep.


Product Description

The Bee Organik Glowing Face Cream is a luscious blend of natural oils and butters, which help increase and build elasticity while easing dryness. It also has super moisturizing and excellent water retaining properties. It gives fullness to the face and when applied to the skin eases wrinkles, fine lines and smooth-ens the surface with skin plumping properties. And it smells Fab!!


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