Happy Hand Sanitizer


BEE ORGANIK Happy Hand Sanitizer | Alcohol Free | Aloe Vera gel based | Natural and Organic | Disinfects and Cleans | Lavender, Tea tree and Orange Essential Oils | 100gms

SAFE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FORMULA. This hand sanitizer uses a simple formula with organic lavender and tea tree essentials oil that is safe and effective. It is organic and vegan ingredients offer a germ-free lifestyle that is safe for everyone from adults to children.

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We use only the best, pure and organic ingredient in our Happy Hand Sanitizer. There are no synthetic detergents, preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients. It keeps you clean and healthy with a conscience.

GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN: This formula leaves skin feeling soft and clean. It is great for maintaining hygiene in public areas like gyms, malls and food joints.

EASY TO USE GERM KILLER: All-natural formula proven to kill germs, bacteria and fungus. Just take a few drops and apply to keep you healthy in the most demanding environments.

SUPER MOISTURIZING: Nutrient-rich formulas moisturize and protect, rather than drying out the sensitive skin on your hands.

Product Description

Germs are everywhere and we really can’t afford to get sick, can we? We do not have access to water and disinfecting soap everywhere. Moreover, publish washrooms are highly suspect when it comes to hygiene standards.

Bee Organik Happy Hand Sanitizer comes to the rescue with perfect protection against bacteria, viruses and fungus. Based on Aloe Vera it makes sure your hands don’t dry out like commercial hand sanitizers. Specially formulated with pure essential oils that have antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal power to fight off any germs.

Once your take a few drops and rub between your hands, it leaves them with a light fragrance, adding aromatherapy benefits. It is great for all hands-on activities that are prone to germs. Great for travel and on-the-go hygiene. Make sure this the season you do not get sick.


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