Opaque Soap Base | Milky white – SLS & Paraben Free | 1000 grams


  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: 100% natural & organic melt and pour soap base, made from high quality ingredients, is extremely easy to work with, providing endless possibilities for some great melt and pour soaps.
  • BEST INGREDIENTS: Organic oils and high quality ingredients are used to make sure you get a super effective and safe soap base. Completely free from harmful Sulphates and Parabens.
  • GREAT FOR MELT & POUR: The soap base is great for making aromatherapy soaps; since the soap base has been deodorized, the wonderful smell of your favorite essential oils can fragrance the bar. The soap base is great for using with molds, and won’t stick to even the most intricate soap mold.
  • MOISTURIZING: The soap base is extremely moisturizing and has a great effect on your skin.

Melt and Pour Soap Base refers to a soap base that has already undergone the soap-making process so that the user can simply melt it, pour it, customize it and allow it to cool before using the resulting bars. Discover limitless artistic possibilities and benefits by making your own combinations of soaps with different natural additives and essential oils.


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