Protection Oil Rub


BEE ORGANIK Protection Oil Rub | Fight Cold, Cough and Chills | Safe for Children | Natural Remedy | No Medicine No Chemicals | 10ml

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FORMULA: Give natural care to your family with this special oil blend, designed to be an alternative to petroleum based oil rubs that claim instant relief but have long term harmful effects. Relieve your little ones and yourself of cough, stuffy nose, and sore throats.

NATURAL AND SAFE INGREDIENTS: Formulated to be natural, safe and effective. 100% pure and natural essential oils and herbs are used to make this oil powerful yet complete safe, chemical and toxin free.

HOW TO USE: Apply a few drops on your palm and fingertips, rub across chest, nose and throat. Rub on the sole of feet before sleeping for peaceful sleep.

SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS: Our formula is designed to bring relief to people of all ages and it is completely safe for children, who are best advised to stay far away from commercial chemical laden formulas.

Product description
The Bee Organik Protection Oil Rub is a special blend of oils and herbs that fights cold, cough and chills making you feel calm and relaxed. It is safe for people of all ages and keeps your family away from petroleum based products that cause more harm than good in the garb of instant relief. Intended for topical use. Do a spot test before application.


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