Pure Castile Soap


Pure Castile Soap Bar | Natural and Organic Cleanser | Nourishing Face and Body Soap Bar | Citrus and Mint | Clean and healthy | Pure Essential Oils | 100gms

GENTLE BUT HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SOAP: This moisturizing bar soap is made using pure, organic and vegan ingredients for a rich lather. It is ideal for washing your body, face or hands. I

SAFE, HIGH-QUALITY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We use only the best quality oils and raw materials to make our Pure Castile Soap. There are No synthetic detergents or preservatives so you can nourish your skin with every wash without hesitation. It is cleansing for you and safe for the earth.

ULTRA-VERSTATILE & MULTI-USE: This multi-use bar soap can be used on its own as a traditional body or face scrub, or you can dilute it pet, dish or laundry wash. This powerful soap is the ultimate multi-use cleaner.

HOW TO USE: For best results, lather it up with some water, wash around and run clean.  You will love it.

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Pure Castile Soap bars are great and safe for all types of skin types, men, women and kids. Cleanse, exfoliate, balance, soften and detoxify skin with our natural and organic Castile Soap bar.

Product Description:

Organic & Co. Pure Castile Soap is biodegradable, versatile and highly effective. Made with organic ingredients it is great for your and for the earth. There are no harmful chemical, artificial fragrances or colors – only pure natural goodness and cleanliness. You can use our Pure Castile Soap for face, body, hair or dishes. Laundry, mopping, pets or cleaning your house is completely safe with no synthetic preservative, detergents, or foaming agents – NONE!

Qty – 100 gms

Price – 195


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