Pure Epsom Salt


Pure Epsom Salt | Relaxation and Pain Relief | Muscle Ache Relief | Remove Body Odor | Promote Better Sleep | Magnesium Source | Organic & Co. | 1000gms

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND NATURAL: All natural and unscented foot soak and body bath for stress relaxation, muscle pain, migraine relief and more. Naturally boost your magnesium and soothe muscle pain.

HOW TO USE: For Bath – Add 2 teaspoons to a bucket of water or a small cup to your bathtub to help relieve stiffness, aches and pains. For Shower – Mix a teaspoon of Epsom Salt with your bath gel and massage onto wet skin for great results. Foot Soak – Mix 2 teaspoons of Pure Epsom Salt in a pan of warm water and soak your feet for 10-20 mins for instant relief and relaxation.

MULTI-PURPOSE SOAK: Relaxation and pain relief, removing body odor, promoting better sleep and  giving you relief from persistent headaches, there is little that Epsom Salt Soaks can’t do.

Product Description:

Organic & Co. Pure Epsom Salt easily dissolves in water and can be used as a soak to – get relief from muscle pain, aching feet, cleansing pores, and overall detoxification of body. Over 300 biochemical reactions in your body need magnesium; these are key for stress, energy and mood. But many of us have low levels of this essential mineral. Epsom salt soaks and bath helps us absorb this natural mineral and rid ourselves of many problems making us feel healthier and more energetic. It is knows to help with – headaches, neck tension, cramps, PMS, arthritis, restful sleep, relief from muscle stress and anxiety, sore and dry feet etc.



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