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5 Powerful Herbs/Spices and their benefits

Usage of herbs and spices has been incredibly important throughout history- at least for us Indians! A sprinkle of Cinnamon and Cardamom in your Morning tea/Coffee and Using Haldi(Turmeric) in almost every Indian curry is a must and which elevates the taste- but these spices and herbs were initially celebrated for their medicinal use, well […]

Top Tips for Natural Skincare

For skin care tips, it is not necessary to use the expensive cosmetics products available in the market yet to use the easily available homemade cleansing skincare products to enhance your beauty. Glowing and flawless skin can be achieved by using fresh fruits and vegetables, which are by far accessible at your home and surroundings. […]

Essential oil fixes for common problems

The use of essential oils may seem like a new trend nowadays, but people are using essential oils for thousand of years, Egyptians being the first ones to use essential oils for aromatherapy and then the Greeks later4 started using them for perfumication healing, etc. Essential oils should be a versatile part of our medicine […]

Super foods for your Skin and Hair

India is a bountiful country and our Vedas have always been a great source of information. Ayurveda today is considered an exact science and the West borrows heavily from it. From glowing skin to healthy hair, from improved digestion to increased lifespan, ancient Ayurveda has the secrets to uncover everything. We’re giving you a lowdown […]