BEE ORGANIK is the brainchild of Monessa Dhiman Grover, a passionate skincare entrepreneur, author and teacher. Here, we share her story….

I discovered natural and organic products while visiting California in 2005 and was completely fascinated by how good they were for us. It also made me think about what actually went into the mainstream, commercial products that I was using in India at the time. What I discovered was highly disturbing, to say the least – expensive products, from highly reputed brands were packed full of toxins and harmful ingredients, going straight into my bloodstream. Right there I made it my mission to bring healthier and safer products to India and my passion for organic cosmetics and skin care products was born.

To increase my knowledge about natural skincare, I enrolled in a professional course from The Living Awareness Institute, Sacremento, California, USA. I learnt all about organic, natural and safe ingredients. Starting with soaps, I widened my learning to other body products and finally cosmetics. Armed with this knowledge and my passion I set up a small homegrown enterprise manufacturing soap. What started as a small business finally took the shape of a full blown skincare company BEE ORGANIK in 2014.

BEE ORGANIK has since blossomed into a fast growing natural skin care cosmetics and body products company, using organic, safe and completely natural ingredients. Taking my dream further I started The ORGANIC & CO. SKINCARE ACADEMY, to teach other entrepreneurs and enthusiasts all about making and selling natural and organic body care products.

At BEE ORGANIK we use the best ingredients to make the best products for those who believe they deserve the best. We source our ingredients from all over the world and leave no stone unturned to make sure our users get the best, and most effective formulations. We make products for your skin, hair, babies and even your homes. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle and protect you from all the harmful toxins that find their way to you and your loved ones through commercial, chemical skin and home care products. So come, lets BEE ORGANIK!