Natural Makeup Remover


BEE ORGANIK Natural Makeup Remover | Cleansing and Chemical Free | Natural and Plant based | Moisturizes and Protects Skin | Advanced Facial Cleanser | 30ml

NON-TOXIC WITH NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our Natural Makeup Remover is free from Acetate, Ethyl Lactate & Petroleum Chemicals – all of which are harmful with repeated or prolonged exposure. Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and pregnancy safe.

HIGH PERFORMING AND HEALTHY – Removes all kinds of makeup, including waterproof makeup, with ease while safely and gently hydrating all skin types.

ECO FRIENDLY – Uses only soothing natural oils and is completely safe for the environment, biodegrades quickly and fully. No chemical fumes to pollute the air, making it completely safe for you to use. Cruelty free and made using only natural ingredients. Overall good karma.

HOW TO USE: Massage the makeup remover onto your skin for a minute, allowing the oil to work on skin oils and pick up makeup and dirt from the face. Gently wipe away with soft warm washcloth or cotton. Repeat if desired.

Product Description

The Bee Organik Natural Makeup Remover nourishes and moisturizes your skin while helping you gently and fully remove any makeup and dirt from your skin. It is a highly effective facial cleanser which completely chemical free and nontoxic making it safe for everyone including pregnant women.

It not only removes makeup, but it also hydrates your skin making it soft and gentle, while replenishing its moisture and giving it a protective layer of natural oils. Our makeup remover is exquisite, pure, and nourishing.


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