Top Tips for Eyebrows and Eyelashes Care

Perfectly shaped eyebrows highlight one’s face and personality. We all are aware of how bold eyebrows have become a rage, and yet not too long back, pencil-thin eyebrows dominated the style industry.

Now thicker eyebrows are back in trend. In fact, you can see women sporting them on silver screens and fashion runways. Eyebrows are one of the most noticeable parts of one’s face, the thicker they are, the more beautiful you look. But not all of us can lay a natural claim to thick eyebrows. Some of us have sparse and scanty eyebrows, and we are always scouting for remedies to make them thicker. Though there isn’t a magic tip to bring back your eyebrow hair overnight, there are certain things that can enhance the process. 

The eyelashes, as subtle as they are, can change the way the eyes look. If your lashes are healthy, your eyes will look clear, bright, and inviting.

On the flip side, if you don’t maintain your eyelashes you can end up looking dull and tired. It is important to care for this sensitive area. Here are some tips on how to take care of your eyelashes.

And for this, nothing can work better than natural remedies.


How can you make eyebrows grow back?

There are plenty of tips for making your eyebrows grow thicker naturally. One of the most popular is by applying Castor Oil to your brows on a cotton bud. After they’ve been thoroughly doused use two fingers to massage your both brows to stimulate blood flow and promote growth.

Leave the oil on overnight and wash off with warm water or a cleaner the next day. This is best repeated every day until you start to see an improvement. Some people also advocate using Olive oil or coconut oil in the same way.

Other tricks for making your eyebrows look bigger

While you’re waiting for those lush brows to grow back, it’s important to get yourself a good brow kit so you can fake it till you make it. Using a fine brush and a brown brow cream you can carefully fill in your brows until they are as thick and as dense as you like.

Be sure to match the color of your cream with your hair, otherwise, you may end up with an odd-looking result!

How can you reshape your brows?

If you’ve overplucked and been left with a straggly line, or worse punctuation-Esque brows, the first step is to back away. Hide your tweezers, and don’t wax, pluck, or shave them. Let them grow back, as much as they can naturally, and resist the urge to trim them. They may look a bit wild, but this is the first step to achieving a new shape.

Once you’ve left it around a month, either look online for a guide to what shape suits your face or go to a brow bar.

They’ll be able to advise you on shapes, styles, and care.

Once you’ve worked out a shape if you’re going to a beautician make sure you go to the same one each time.

And resist plucking in between appointments, as you may end up interfering with the growth cycle, which should eventually see you with minimal appointments to keep your brows in order.

How to make eyelashes grow?

There are plenty of techniques that people use to help their lashes grow.

One of the popular options is by brushing – this gets rid of dirt and dust particles and encourages blood circulation.

Start by applying vitamin E oil or Vaseline to an eyelash brush.

Then run the brush through your lashes, gently stroking upwards starting from the root and moving toward the tip.

It’s recommended that you do this for five minutes twice a day until you start seeing results.

You can also try coconut milk. Dip two cotton wool balls in coconut milk and leave them to soak on your eyes for ten minutes.

Wash the milk off with cold water and repeat each day.

Other tricks for making your eyelashes look bigger

Start by getting yourself a great volumizing mascara and applying generously!

The right mascara will surround your lashes giving them instant volume and creating a fuller effect.

You can also apply fake lashes – either individuals or strips for an instant (but temporary) boost.


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